If you work at home, you probably have a room that you use as an office. That area should be cleaned regularly, if you want to be more productive and to feel more comfortable while working. Love what you do and you will never have to work, right?


1. Clear the desk by removing all papers and objects. Make different plies, so you can organize your things. Clear and empty all drawers and organize the items again.

2. Wipe all surfaces in your office room with a cloth and a proper cleaner. Wax and dry wood surfaces.

office decor

3. Organize the book shelves by keeping in mind which books you use daily and which you use less often.

4. Use the closest drawers for all things you need to be handy (such as pens, tape, phone books).

5. Now, when everything is organized and you don’t have to search for a pen longer than a second, you should take some time wiping all screens, keyboards and all other surfaces that your hands touch all the time. This should be performed at least once a week, because usually we touch everywhere and we rarely wash our hands. I guess other people also use the computer occasionally, so this is recommended – you can’t know what your kids have touched before they touched your computer, right? There are professional cleaners, specially designed to disinfect that kind of “busy” surfaces.

6. If there is a separate library area in this room, you should also take some time to wipe and organize all books. Wipe all picture and photo frames and arrange the shelves.

office cleaning

I think you are ready for the big world now. Your office room is a cleaner and a more comfortable place. That’s what we wanted from you and we sincerely hope that you love the results.

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